New sign ups – the bands.

  • Akira The Don – “Hip hop maverick from Anglesey”
  • Kids love lies – “Hot to trot post-punktastica buzz pop darlings”
  • Sexual Hot Bitches – – “…not the most demure of bands, lo-fi drum and bass partners Helen and Anna (no joke) are responsible for such scintillating bursts of elector-funk as the charmingly named “Face Rape”” (Joxley MOG)
  • Depot – “Depot are the latest in a long line of talent to come out of the borough of Ealing, including ‘The Who’, ‘Jamiroqui’ ‘The Magic  Numbers’ and of course ‘Dustin’s Bar Mitzvah’ , and it is considered by many that they can follow in the success of these  bands with their blend of Ska, Thrash and Punk. Young and bold they aim to set the standards for a new generation of talent  breaking the capital as we speak”
  • Public Service Announcers – “Public Service Announcers are a young 4 piece band from London…set to bring a refreshing multi-coloured imagination back to pop music.”
  • Royal Treatment Plant – “a bit like the cardigans with some throwing muses, pixies and yyy’s thrown in. and a bit like metallica. sometimes. well on one track anyway. that’s cause Tom is a metallica fan. anyways why we should we tell you what we sound like. come to our free gig this week, then you can tell us what we sound like. don’t mean to be rude, mind.”
  • Ist – “Reviews compared the band to Syd Barrett fronting the Beatles, and the record built up a steady following of ´istians´ around the world”
  • Minus IQTheir sound is an enthralling mix of Rock and Electro, Dance and Indie. Their look is 80s with thin ties and glittery stuff and their songs explore the eternal appeal of sex, girls, partying and drama.
  • Fighting Cocks – Essex’s premier Gypsy Hardcore band
  • 5 minute pop promo ( accou ) – “Harmony drenched english countryside prog-folk’ used to be a dirty meta-word, but FMPP have sure cleaned up the house. Type it into the wonderful world of web these days and you’ll come across Five Minute Pop Promo.
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    ~ by shoreditchshuffle on June 24, 2008.

    4 Responses to “New sign ups – the bands.”

    1. love kids love lies!

    2. Us too!

    3. all very exciting!

    4. hehe akira the don is funny jaz 😀


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