New Shuffle bands

A cracking line-up of bands is shaping up, some new additions below.

Keith – “Drawing on krautrock, jazz, afrobeat, indie and psychedelia, the band seem genuinely in thrall to a myriad of sounds and styles and – even better – are able to meld them into a series of workable pop songs”
Illustrated Youth – 4 young lads from Croydon playing Alt/pop
Substatic – “If you ever wondered what would happen should Peshay, Goldfrapp and Timbaland accidentally get locked in a studio together, find they get on pretty well and decide to start work on an EP, you’d do worse than to liken it to the sounds made by Bristol’s hottest new 6 piece band”. – Jon Kennard (Leisure Recordings)
The Gadsdens – “Shuffling together elements of blue-eyed soul, infectious hooks, rhythmic piano lines, and the instantly loveable vocals of Jody Gadsden they deal out songs of awkward beauty. They don’t look pop either, peddling an indie scruffy chic that’s more Hoxton than West End.”
Jacob’s Stories – Pick up the new album ’Undisciplined Art’ here, there’s only 500 copies and each one is hand made (by Jacob) and each comes with it’s own individual art print (also, made by Jacob).
Gary Go – Acoustic set following a summer of festivals for Gary Go
The Ghost Frequency – “A giant genre gang bang”
The Coolness – “Anti-fashion fashionable dance rock”



~ by shoreditchshuffle on July 13, 2008.

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