Debut album out from Shuffle artist Marvin the Martian !

Marvin’s debut album ‘Devil In The Distance‘ is available right now from iTunes among other places. The reviews have been pretty positive (Nuts: 4/5, The Voice: 4/5, MusicOMH: 4/5, Subba-Culture: 4/5) so you should really go and buy it.


Marvin is currently working on his new mixtape which will be with you all inside a month. 

Also a note from Marvin –
“In today’s Guardian my 2006 single ‘I Hate My Job‘ was ranked as the top anti-work song in a reader contributed poll. I am honoured. I didn’t know anything about it.’

‘I Hate My Job’ is a great track and can be bought here

Some quotes about the new album ‘Devil In The Distance‘…

Nuts Magazine: “A corker, with a killer mix of off-kilter rhymes and gritty realism”
Artrocker Magazine: “I’m with him the whole way. A true spokesman. Get this, listen to it and spread the word”
The Voice: “A brilliant slice of London life through young eyes”
MusicOMH: “This is the antidote to unintentionally self-parodying hip-hop”
RWD: “Marvin not only has a lot to say, but he has an inventive way of saying it”
Subba-Culture: “Marvin has created a debut that potentially sets the bar for all future British rappers.”


~ by lulujack on August 1, 2008.

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