Kids Love Lies

Ellen of Shuffle band kids love lies dropped us a note to let us know what they’re up to this summer and what they’re looking forward to at the Shuffle:

“We are realllllllllllllly looking forward to playing the Shoreditch Shuffle, especially as there’s sooooo many good bands on the lineup-i especially want to see Thomas Tantrum’s set…

I the meantime we’re really busy in the weeks leading up to the Shuffle with our single launch party next week in New Cross on the 30th August that we’ve been planning for ages! Our friends in the Kabeedies and Violet Violet will be playing with us so it will be a lovely night and we’re gonna ram out the pub with cakes and glitter!
Then the next day on the 31st August we’re playing on the New Band’s stage at Offset festival¬†which will be our first festival so we’re very excited! We just applied to play on their website and somehow got chosen so we feel very lucky!

See you at the Shuffle!

Ellen kids love lies xxxx”

Kids Love Lies


~ by shoreditchshuffle on August 25, 2008.

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