Films at the Shuffle

The Rushes Soho Shorts guys are all set for the Shuffle, and have let us know what will be showing…


  • FROM THE DIARIES OF JOJO THE DOG FACED BOY… YES – Marco Puig – Amarillo Films – ‘A werewolf love story’
  • TRIPSWITCH Anthony Sutcliffe Sketchlight Films A master scientist has finished his great achievement. History beckons for him…
  • THE I’VE SPIED BOOK OF BEARDS – Mark Nute – Triffic Films – ‘A hairy film about the exciting world of beard-spotting’
  • SWEEPER – Benjamin Collins – DHP – ‘A revenge story between a litterbug and a London sweeper robot’
  • ON THE UPSIDE – Peter Bunzl – Peter Bunzl Films – ‘An elderly couple’s lives are turned upside down’
  • OPERATOR – Matthew Walker – Arthur Cox – ‘A man makes a phone call – and he answers’


  • WHALE – Rob Wicksteed – Solent University – ‘A conservative suburbanite struggles with the presence of an unwanted visitor’
  • COVERED – Jack Laurance – ‘Kirsty’s sex life is unexpectedly tested to its limits. How far will she go?’
  • STANDUP Joseph Pierce – NFTS – ‘The truth behind a comedian’s jokes leaks through’
  • A TO Z – Sally Arthur – Arthur Cox – ‘Mrs P gets lost in London so that we don’t have to…’
  • LET ME IN – Simon Tofield – Tandem Films – ‘A hungry cat resorts to increasingly desperate measures to get indoors’

Short Films:

  • THE GRAVITY OF BELIEF – Martin Gooch – MGTV – ‘Ever wondered where all the missing people go?’
  • CONDIMENTIA – Morgan Hutchins – The Mob Film Co. – ‘For Frank a life without relish is just that: a life without relish’
  • EL HOPPO! – Jonathan Taylor – Marcus Shepherd – ‘One hot afternoon a mysterious stranger arrives in a remote Spanish village’
  • THE CONFESSION – Thomas Hefferon – Prototype Pictures – ‘A man goes to confess, but the priest is more interested in the local gossip’
  • BITCH – Dom Bridges – Mustard – ‘A man’s trust in human nature is questioned during a supermarket visit’
  • SOULJAH – Rikki Beadle-Blair – Team Angelica – ‘An effeminate teenage refugee proves to be tougher than he looks’
  • ONE CAREFUL OWNER – Sean Van Hales – Back To The Wood Films – ‘Derek’s wife says his old car has to go. He sets off on one last journey with the love of his life’

~ by shoreditchshuffle on September 3, 2008.

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